I don’t know how you came to know about me or my activities online but there is a huge chance that it was thanks to this thing called Android.

I have, over the last 6 years, pretty much indulged in everything there is to know about the world’s most popular operating system. I have written hundreds (maybe a few thousand?) of articles and blog posts about it scattered across many platforms on the web.

To just show you how much I was really sure that I wanted to write about Android, I went on a blog registration spree between late 2010 and early 2011 where I tried to “own” anything and everything I thought I would be needing once I had made up my mind what to call my Android passion blog.

Of course, things happened and I wound up with, a portfolio site that I ended up using primarily as a blog for quite some time. It had a good run. Nominated for the annual Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) awards twice, finishing as a first runner-up once (a campus kid’s 3 hours a day obsession beaten by a Pan African tech news site with a wide readership) and making it to Alexa’s top 200 websites in Kenya ranking (back when that really meant something) on a number of occasions. I have had my fair share of encouraging emails and person-to-person comments from early readers/followers of that “scrappy” blog.

Then I slacked, a bit. Mid-undergraduate school happened. Lots of activities (Google’s student ambassadorial program), trips, CATs and, wait for it, money, happened too. It is around that time that I also volunteered to be contributing to and boy, did I have a good run! The blog was pretty much abandoned in the process and lived off referral traffic.

At, I covered pretty much everything that, thanks to my background in tech, was remotely related to tech and I took (still do) great pride in that.

Deep down, I’ve always been that guy who’s always believed in telling Android stories no matter what and, while I have always had a home over at XDA Developers where I have contributed so much since 2011, I’ve always entertained the idea of converging all of that in one easy-to-manage place (my XDA page is not about to get cobwebs, I’ll still be very active. Since I use a pseudonym and my common/known username is all but there for SEO purposes, good luck finding me).

That’s why in February last year, while I was still mourning my late mother, I registered because I never had any hopes of ever getting the domain I actually wanted, For all intent and purposes, that home/place was poised to be until I consulted a few friends who were really for and urged me on. So for a year, remained parked and there wasn’t much happening to it. Until renewal time came in February and my registrar was breathing down my neck with reminder emails every 5 minutes (ok, it wasn’t that bad but you get it). I looked up and voila! It was available. It took me I think 4 seconds to get it. There wasn’t even an extra second to think things over. It took me another hour before I slept the following early morning to put everything together. Easy.

For the next I-don’t-know-how-many-days, will be that “one easy-to-manage place.”

Even though I never believed or thought that it was necessary, I quit at the end of February just so that I could be able to pursue my Android love and passions on without any perceived conflict of interest and stuff.

So that means I’ll have more time to eat, drink, breathe and sleep Android, right? Wrong. is a hobby. Pretty much like my self-imposed 2-books-a-month routine, will be something I look at when I have nothing else to look at. That means if I find myself idle at 10AM, I’ll be there. 4PM? I’ll be there. 1AM just before I give in to the mosquitoes? I’ll be there. I just have to make sure my strict 2-books-a-month routine is not disrupted because that is more important.

Interest in has so far been overwhelming even when just a handful of friends and other interested parties have been aware of its existence. I’ve maxed out bandwidth once already even before I’ve had the time to tell everyone I know, “hey, go check my new site” or spam everyone’s Facebook and WhatsApp with links to it.

What can you expect going forward? Maybe a post or two every day. Or just one per week. It’s all dependent on how busy/idle I am. There are no commitments to anything. There will be the occasional news item on anything interesting happening in the local space related to Android (the site has to live up to its name, after all), the occasional long (and boring) review on anything as interesting as an Android TV module to something as dull as the latest smartphone from Chinese brand X (I just need to find a job that allows me to buy all this stuff without thinking twice) or an updated icon of an Android app I really like (you have a problem if you find such interesting). It’s all dependent on a lot of factors that I may have already foreseen or not. My naivety, after all, has shown me a lot these last few days.

It will be tough but I plan to do it. It’s been 6–7 years in the making and everything just starts with one small step. So join me. If you can, follow Android Kenya wherever it has a presence on the web and let’s see how this pet experiment turns out. It might as well be stopped in its tracks next week for all I know. I may not be able to raise more cash to fund another extra bandwidth allocation.

Android’s best days as a platform are still way ahead of it. While many believe that we have reached peak smartphone and there are enough signs that tablets will never recover from their big fall from grace, there’s AR, VR (and their intersection, MR), Android Things, Android Enterprise, Android Wear, Android Auto, Android TV and many more to explore. Things are just getting started, just like is.



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